28 Aug

We live in a world wherein security is of paramount importance, both in the home and the workplace environment. Fortunately, technology encompasses the heightened need for security, and as a result we have a wide range of surveillance systems at our disposal.

It must be noted that surveillance systems have been wholeheartedly embraced in most residential and commercial settings, indicative of the fact that the need for security is being efficiently met by technology. To know further on the subject of technology meeting a need for heightened security; let's look into the top 3  surveillance systems available for purchase in the general market today.

A Wide Range of CCTV Security Cameras 

Like any other modern gadget, security cameras are constantly evolving and are being upgraded with newer features to further meet the need for effective surveillance of residential and commercial spaces.

Improvements in surveillance technology, has led to the availability of a wide range of CCTV cameras made for different settings, and meeting varying surveillance needs. Some of these CCTV camera types have been listed and detailed below.

  • Digital Video Recorders - Consider the advantage of being able to record, store or even delete hundreds of hours of surveillance footage without any inconvenience. Now this is possible with video recorders of the digital variation that perfectly fit the bill for surveillance systems wherein surveillance management is maximized and streamlined and any inconveniences associated with rudimentary surveillance systems are considerable reduced or even eliminated. Video recorders of the digital kind have ushered in a new age of surveillance wherein security for residential and commercial settings is guaranteed by technology that is well able to record and store hundreds of hours of surveillance footage.

  • IP Surveillance Cameras – An IP surveillance camera effectively meets the need for remote surveillance of a home or commercial building. IP surveillance systems do not store surveillance footage like digital CCTV cameras, instead these devices transmit surveillance footage through the internet. These cameras do not require localized recording devices, which is a common need with analog security cameras. However, these cameras require a local area network to transmit surveillance data. 

  • Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera Systems – Surveillance of the outdoors or a larger space can prove to be tricky and often requires coordination between multiple security cameras. However, pan tilt zoom security cameras bridge this gap in outdoor surveillance or surveillance for larger spaces. Pan tilt zoom cameras can zoom in on images that are far away and can record surveillance footage at multiple angles. The lenses in pan tilt zoom security cameras can be controlled remotely through a surveillance DVR device.

In closing, surveillance technology allows us the advantage of choosing between any of the three security camera types mentioned above, and based on specific surveillance needs. These surveillance cameras are available at the best price, with an emphasis on value for your money, online or at a store near you. Your need for greater security is sure to be met by these surveillance camera systems.

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