21 Dec

CCTV, fondly term for Close Circuit Television, has provided the secure feeling highly required in the present era. In most of the public places, homes, offices and in trading centres you will be visualizing these cameras screening activities and monitors screening it as well. The major revolutionary change in acquiring safety has been brought in by such well advance digital electronic equipments.

It is because of its promoting high security features, home and commercial asset owners favour to install this kind of efficient security systems in their premises. However, before you plunge in to the installation of the security system best to know more about their working qualities and their silent features as well.

Here are some of the prime CCTV equipments brief info:

CCTV monitors: 

Monitors are just like TV screen available in varied types and sizes. They are mainly used to observe the recorded and stored data of the CCTV cameras. You now have LCD monitors to view the screening footages of installed cameras.

DVR security appliance: 

The prime function of DVR is to store the images and the activities captured by CCTV cameras. The device initially converts the analog images to digital and then stores it to screen on CCTV monitors.

NVR security appliance: 

The network video recorder is highly capable to manage and record the matter the data multiple IP cameras capture.

Highly advance kind of cameras:

The HD surveillance camera:

The security cameras are commonly known as HD CCTV cameras and HD over Coax cameras and you need to believe that they are best to do extremely high video surveillance. It can provide footage till 1080p, isn’t that a great way of screening! There are two kinds of cameras widely used known as AHD and TVI.

IP cameras:

  • They are available in variant modes like wired to the recorders or wireless. The wireless IP cameras are more in demand as the devices are capable to screen and send the collected data through wireless network. One of its wonders is that the screened data can be viewed from anywhere. Wire free IP cameras are battery powered hence is easy to install in any remote place as well.
  • CCTV security cameras system, the popular ones:
  • Bullet cameras:
  • They are cylindrical mostly fitted in outdoor locations as it has many safety features, hence no trouble when subjected to outer climatic conditions. The cameras can be seen clearly, thus intruders to your home or office will think twice before entering in.
  • Dome cameras:  
  • The dome security camera system is highly popular for its versatile usage. People prefer to install them as it remains discreet because of its round unique shape. It is popular for its wide viewing angle and can be installed anywhere, even in corner angles of the ceiling.  
  • Bullet cameras and dome cameras are highly used in interior and exterior of buildings. They both have good functional features to catch activities happening in dark and even have capabilities to sense heat and motion. They are attached to a DVR or a NVR recorder to store the data to be viewed.
  • Hope the brief introduction on CCTV surveillance system equipments must have helped to plan installing this marvellous technology based security device in your premises.
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