19 Nov

The dangers don't come knocking but you can be smart enough to kick them out even before they try to enter because precautions are better than regret. With CCTV security camera system let safety be your best friend. From preventing vandalism to deterring burglars and unwanted intruders to even monitoring cold callers to aiding in helping security experts CCTV cameras have come a long way in enabling security for everything that holds importance to you and your loved ones.

Dome security camera system, a boon of safeguarding.

Dome, as the name suggests, is the structure of these dome security camera systems They are available as the internal and external dome security cameras which cover both indoor and outdoor security quite efficiently. The extremely crafty shape of the camera makes it almost next to impossible for the onlookers to find out which way the camera is facing which makes it more efficient at its job of deterring possible intruders or burglars. Also a master of anti-vandalism given its protected lens, some cameras are encased in durable covers. Dome cameras have a classy, artistic appeal to them and are catchy enough for the day and night monitoring, giving an aura of protection around the clock.

HD surveillance camera and their tireless efficiency.

As the name suggests, HD surveillance camerai.e. high definition surveillance cameras help in monitoring suspicious activities and are effective enough to spot crimes such as shoplifting and are quite protected against cases of vindictive vandalism. They are mostly centrally manned and are programmed in a way to even inform the law enforcement given the situation worsens in case of any potential break-ins.

Digital video recorder for security cameras that leave no stone unturned in providing the best of security.


A digital video recorder for security camerasor simply the DVR, is a simple yet effective device that records the video in a digital format in any given disk drive, USB Drive or SD memory card. They are widely used in recording, viewing and storing a large number of surveillance videos 24*7. Available in a large variety of software, DVRs make it really easy to store all the videos and review them whenever the situation demands. Keep your perimeter safe and assure your loved ones or business extreme safety anywhere and shoo away the intruders as whether you stay in or out, there's always an eye guarding the place tirelessly for you. The DVRs are a boon of modern technology and are useful when one wants to connect the surveillance camera to the computer, phone or any such device to have a good look at the guarding property at any given time. While conventional surveillance cameras have difficulty in storing large amounts of surveillance footage, the DVRs can effortlessly save a larger amount of footage. Also handy in setting up motion detectors and accessing all the surveillance videos from a single interface rather than having to go through it one by one.

When it comes to safety, never step away from choosing the best.

 With the leading surveillance camera quality, you're sure to never compromise with yours and your loved one's safety again. When it slides down to precise quality and class always make sure you get the best of the lot from www.2mcctv.com, home to the most recent advancements in equipment that satiates the demand if every modern user. Gift yourself peace of mind while there's always an eye looking after all of your prized possessions.

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