28 Aug

Your decision to invest in CCTV security cameras is a wise one. Surveillance of your home or place of business is a priority, especially so with the prevalence of legitimate threats to your residential or workplace security. Security cameras go a long way in pinpointing and eliminating these threats, and as such CCTV surveillance systems are a sound financial investment that eliminate multiple risks to your safety. However, investing in CCTV security systems should be preceded with the due amount of research into CCTV technology and this blog aims to serve as an information resource on this very subject. Read further to know more.

CCTV Security System Types 

There are multiple types of CCTV security systems that are often classified in keeping with the manner in which CCTV surveillance footage is recorded, stored and transmitted by your CCTV camera. You could opt for...

  • Analog CCTV Systems – Analog CCTV cameras are the earliest surveillance technology that uses analog video signal or what is better known as Composite Video Baseband Signals to capture surveillance imagery and video. These cameras are physically wired to DVR systems and monitors with the help of coax cables. Analog CCTV systems though widely still in use, are considered old technology, which comes with inconveniences such as the need for hard wiring and supportive devices such as CCTV monitors and DVRs.
  • Digital Video Recorders – Digital video recorders are simply CCTV cameras that record surveillance in digital format. Like Analog CCTV Systems, these cameras record images on a DVR which can then be viewed on a CCTV monitor.
  • IP Surveillance Systems – IP surveillance cameras eliminate the need for hardwiring to CCTV monitors and DVRs by transmitting CCTV camera footage over the internet. IP surveillance systems allow for the remote reception of surveillance footage on common digital devices such as laptops, smartphones, computers and tablets.

Cameras to Consider 

When purchasing a CCTV camera, you have multiple options at your disposal and different camera types work best in different settings. Consider the advantage of a dome security camera system, also referred to as bullet camera HD, for the fact that that these cameras offer greater surveillance range and are also weatherproof, which makes them perfect for outdoor surveillance.

Ask for Professional CCTV Camera Installation and Demos 

Once you have made your choice from the above-mentioned CCTV security systems types, you can go ahead and buy the CCTV cameras of your choosing. However, it is important that you ask for professional installation of your CCTV systems to ensure that you enjoy efficient and maximized CCTV footage capture for the security of your home or your workplace. It is worth noting that you can also ask for a demo to understand the various features of your CCTV security systems setup and its various functions. Also ensure that you have ready access to customer care and service personnel when troubleshooting is required.

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