16 May

Businesses, more often than not, face various risks that can disrupt the day to day functions. A break in, external or internal theft and intellectual property theft; are very real causes for concern. Bearing in mind that security and safety for your commercial assets and property is a priority, these effective and easily implementable security tips for places of business are worth considering. 

A Dependable Alarm System 

It is hard if not difficult to recover assets lost to theft and as such, there is no better endeavor to ensuring security and safety at your place of business than a dependable alarm system. An alarm system ensures that criminals are caught in the act while carrying out vandalism or theft at your place of business. Do adequate market research into alarm systems with the highest criminal apprehension rates and lowest false alarm rate, before settling for an option that meets your needs.

Customizable and Integrated Security Apparatus 

The need for security systems and related apparatus cannot be downplayed at a place of business. Whether you have an office or a retail business, there are risks to assets and property that cannot be foreseen and prevented unless you take appropriate measures. This is where integrated security systems and security apparatus come into play. For your own security and for the security of your commercial assets and property, look into the purchase of a...

  • CCTV Security Camera System That effectively records all ongoing events at a place of business, subject to placement and positional installation of said apparatus.
  • Dome Security Camera System These camera systems are known for their dome like shape and are popularly used in places of business such as restaurants, casinos, large offices, retail outlets and large malls and even outdoors. With these camera systems, it is difficult to tell where the lens is facing and as such, these cameras are more affective for stealthy surveillance, especially when you need to monitor employee activity. This security camera is of four primary types; indoor domes, outdoor domes, infrared night-vision enabled, vandal-proof domes.
  • Digital Video Recorder for Security Camera The security cameras at your place of business require support from a digital video recorder. It is not always possible to keep an eye on CCTV footage on a monitor and a video recorder records many hours of CCTV footage to ensure that you have access to the goings-on on a particular day and time if needed.

Employee Screening and Verifications 

Human behavior is largely predictable in the work space going by past employment records. As such; it is impossible to invest time and effort into employee screening and verification to ensure that you do not hire subversive elements that can disrupt business functions and steal or cause damage to company assets and property.

Access Control and Surveillance 

Whether it’s the cash register at your place of business or the server room in your office; you must implement a degree of access control and surveillance of all activities within these sensitive areas. One way to do so is to install a keyless entry system that restricts access to certain areas within your place of business to authorized personal only. These areas should also be closely monitored with the help of security systems and apparatus mentioned prior.

Additional Security Measures 

To be assured that you have done all that you can in terms of security and safety implementations at your place of business; look into additional security measures such as...

  • Printer Protection
  • Disabling Drives
  • Password Protecting Workstations
  • And Fire Safety Apparatus

In conclusion, implement the suggestions listed above and maximize security at your place of business.

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